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  You were one of the keyblade wielders. you were traveling until you saw the place that you need to go. the world that never was. you stepped in and you saw millions of heartless. you say pete and the witch. "What are you guys doing here?" "Were here to defeat the heartless to get our own castle!" The witch said. while getting ready with pete. "Well if it isnt _____" Pete ran to you and talked to you. "Yeah yeah im one of the key wielders blah blah." you groaned. pete and the witch didnt know and the got startled. "Looks like there are 3 keyblade wielders." you got suprised and asked who. "its sora and riku." You didnt know who they were but you asked where they went. they asked find them yourself.(Okay note right now sora didnt find riku yet. sora was at that place where he saw kairi) You were at the place where the crystal guy was. you saw a duck and his partner and a guy with spiky hair. "Why roxas?" the guy was fading out. "Sora!" the girl with the red hair yelled. "KAIRI!" Then a bunch of heartless got him. "dont worry sora ill save you!" she jumped and was about to save him but the heartless got her to. you jumped up in the air and fought the heartless. (all of them O_O) You were by the red headed girl. "Thanks. im kairi who are you?" she asked nicely "Oh? im ____ the keyblade wielder." she was shocked and told you she had a friend that was one. "Oh do you know a guy name sora?" you asked "Hmm? Yeah hes down there with donald and goofy." you got shocked." W-wait... Donald and goofy? !" you were in happiness. they used to be your partners but they need to find other person. you jumped in the sky and hugged donald and goofy."Donald! Goofy!" They both got shocked and hugged you back "____! we missed ya." said goofy looking the same.  sora was talking to kairi and she hugged him. you didnt even notice it. "Hey guess what we found other keyblade wielder!" you got startled "Who tell me!" you got in excitement. "Sora!" goofy yelled. and sora quickly went down the stairs and didn't make it yet. "Sora? I need to find him.." you said. then sora jumped behind you. "hey--- guys?"

You turned around and notice it was the spiky hair dude. "Your sora right?" You asked nicely and he blushed. "Oh um yeah. who are you?" "Im ____ im also a keyblade wielder" you gave a funny smile. "___! Do you still have the funny face?" asked donald. "Of course i do!" they yelled to you show us! you gave the funniest face like soras and they laughed "Hehe!" you giggled "Hey donald is she coming with us?" "Yup king mickey said im coming with you guys. i know were he is anyways s-" you got interrupted by all of them. "WHAT?!?!?" they said. "Calm down. First we need to find riku." sora got startled. "W-wait you know riku?" the last time you said you forgot him but now you know him he was your childhood friend. "Yeah. he was a friend of mine." sora got happy and asked do you know where he is. "Sora... i don't know where he is.. He's in the castle i know he is." He jumped in happiness and grabbed your hand and donald and goofy thought he liked you. but he did. "S-sora.. calm down. we gotta slow d- !" you looked over and saw ansem but once you got other look it was riku. "Sora its riku." he looked over and saw ansem. "No its not!" he got mad and knew it was ansem. "Yes it is" you calmed down a bit. "Sora." riku said. sora got startled and knew it was riku. sora went over there and got on his knees. he cried. "Riku. i looked everywhere for you!" "pull it together sora." then kairi came. he came to riku and saw sora crying. "Sora. Close your eyes. he closed them and kairi put rikus hand and soras hand together. he saw riku in his head. he opened his eyes and cried again. and he stopped. riku came with us and riku saw me. "___?" he asked me "Yeah. riku its me" you to had a strong friendship stronger then sora and riku. he to were still friends. "Its good to see you again. ____" you got happy and you all left to get saix. you and sora were fighting together until he noticed your power. he saix was in the crazy form. and you transformed to a drive form. it was a gold one. the strongest one of all. you finished off saix and saw some hearts outside. "Hearts? Why are these organizations crazy." Sora agreed. he blushed when he saw your face up close. "Alright lets go sora. riku. kairi." they nod and sora blushed. "hey sora you like ____ dont you?" said riku whispering. "Huh? Wa? Noooo i don't." he said blushing red. "yes you do. dont worry ill tell her." sora jumped up and made riku not tell you. but it was useless. "Hey ___ can i tell you something?" donald and goofy were blocking soras way because he really liked you. "Sora likes you." you got startled "Wha? your joking." you said facing other way. " no im not. ill prove it." he grabbed you by the shirt and goofy grabbed soras. they both let you down and push you both until you kissed. you both were blushing. and let go. "HAHAHAHA you two so like eachother. ill leave you guys alone." riku said and everybody left. "Sora d-do you really like me?" he gave a nod. (note this is kh2) "You could of told me. i like you to." he got happy and kissed you passionately. you kissed back. he kissed you desperatly and you got suprised. you put your arms around his neck and he kissed you normaly. "So will you be my girlfriend ___?" he asked you looking in your eyes. "Hehe i love to <3" you kissed him one more time and you 2 were traviling to different worlds together.
Here it is!! for sora fans <3 i am a sora fan so yeah. I hope chu all like this. I will be doing a 7 min heaven of sora ^.^ Sorry if it was short :|. Sora is just to adorable :D :D Thanks for the fav if you guys fav it :)
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sonadow-girl Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry but I love that picture! is that the face that I pull in the story?
SamanthaTorres12348 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016
Great story.
1202miss Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Student Artist
Who wanna rp kingdom hearts? Anyone my crush depends on urs

Also .great story I am a Sora fan as well. . really liked it also made me blush XD. Good thing to know your a sora fan too
FloraTheSkeleton Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Student Artist
spainloves Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Student Artist
Who knew Sora could kiss really good
Chrysti-the-goddess Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
spainloves Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Student Artist
Yup him and his amazing dancing
Chrysti-the-goddess Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
spainloves Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Student Artist
StoryReaders Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
If only he was real ;(((
spainloves Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student Artist
I know T^T
Luckystar4242564 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
So freaking KAWAII~!!!!
angelsnowwolf104 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Omg good job!!! So cute!!!
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